Personal Growth

How To Be Yourself: 5 Tips For Always Being True To You

Never has it been easier to be ‘fake’ than it is right now. With our ‘selfie’ culture and social media platforms encouraging us to show the very best – often Photoshopped – version of ourselves to the world, it’s so easy to forge an image which is far from your authentic self. There’s a growing obsession with acquiring ‘followers’ and the gratification of receiving ‘likes.’ The constant battle for exposure and attention, fed by the need for that addictive endorphin…

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What Happens When You Take Personal Development Too Far

Finding the right balance between role performance and personal development is not easy, and it’s something that I got very wrong at first and am still trying to perfect. Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of experience trying to balance my performance as a Happiness Hero (on our customer support team at Buffer) and my passion for learning more about engineering, which allows me to help my team outside of the Happiness inbox. One key learning I’ve had for…

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